KUPCA has realized significant professional growth in areas of peer counselor training and mentorship programs. Peer counselors have been very instrumental in articulating fellow students’ psychological issues and referring them to university counselor for further management. KUPCA has noted with appreciation that the students welfare departments are slow transforming through greater involvement of students peer counselors and mentorship programs

The university counselors have been committed in areas of organizing and holding students public lectures in topical and emerging issues that seem to have impact on the university student today. Career days have proved to be of great benefit to students preparing for job market.

The counselors now aim at sensitizing the managements of various universities about the need to introduce and incorporate lifeskills training in university education to promote greater personal and social responsibility among university students. The counselors have noted with great concern that university students need more empowerment in areas related to personal integrity, self awareness, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, stress management, assertiveness, creative thinking, problem solving and general survival skills, just to mention a few.

The university counselors wish to be in the team that will return our universities into place of intellectual discourses that has been lost due to poor reading culture of university students who mostly read for purpose of passing examinations. the result is a product of students with poor problem solving, decision making and assertiveness skills, all very critical for survival in the world of human.

As cited by Ngugi wa Thiong’o on one of his publications, our university students have been taken hostage by modern technology especially TV, ipads and others which do not have much to offer in terms of survival and social skills. Hence, the cry of counselors in the universities is to get the lifeskills introduced in the university teaching curriculum for survival of our university graduates.

KUPCA has realized the need to establish workable and efficient networking methods for better service delivery. KUPCA most sincerely appreciate the support accorded to the counselors by their respective universities to promote better performance, efficient and quality services.